Course Moderation and Visibility of Courses

I need a simple feature related to course moderation. As long as a moderator does not accept a course, it should not be visible to other users(except the course creator and staff/superuser).

Basically in other CMSes, we have a feature called publish/unpublish an article. We can make an article to be unpublished(and not visible to anonymous users) by default. After the moderator publishes it, it will be visible to general users.

I am looking for a similar workflow in OPENedX. How can I achieve it?

Another related question: How to make a course invisible(=not listed in /courses page)?

I have tried the following: In Course’s Advanced Settings,

Course Visibility For Unenrolled Learners = "private"
Course Visibility In Catalog = "none"

But the course is still listed in page. I tried restarting LMS and CMS after making those changes but the courses are still visible.

How to fix these issues? Thanks in advance.

I was very excited on this feature some day and actually I am yet. but unfortunately doesn’t have such ability.
the only way, you can approach your intend and as I know they use in is to have 2 completely separate studio’s. one as stage environment and the other as publish env. only authorized people have access to the second environment. and they should export ready courses from stage and import them into the publish studio.
learners will see any course which scheduled on publish studio.

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Thank you so much for the response.