First steps for Open edX developers

Hi everyone out there, I’m Cesar Montilla, I’m a Python developer, free and open source software enthusiast, I’m a newbie to Open edX, I’m currently learning about it for my job, I hope to get along with the community and learn has much has I can about Open edX and contribute to it. I would like to now, where can I start to learn more about Open edX and where to approach for help or information on this community?.


Hi @kuipumu, welcome to the community!

As part of the official documentation, I recommend you take a look at the developer resources.
If you plan to start developing, note that Devstack is in process of being replaced by Tutor’s dev option.

Feel free to ask questions here in the forum!


HI - Just had the same question -
there is a nice table with all the resources here -


Ok perfect, I will take a look at the official developer docs, I can see recently there has been some changes with the introduction of Tutor, I would also check a bit of the forum to see anything going in here I can use to support and learn more about it

Thank you very much Andres!,

Excellent!, I was also looking at the docs on confluence, but there is so much stuff I didn’t even knew where to start, this is a good starting point, thank you very much!


If you don’t mind, I will change the subject of this post because it can be helpful for others new to the community.

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Yes, it can also be helpful for me to reference others in the future, Thanks!