Aspects plugin doesn't appear in the tutor plugins list

Hi all,
I have a question about plugins in tutor. I am trying to install the tutor-contrib-aspects. I am doing all the steps correctly but the installed plugin doesn’t appear in the tutor plugins list Also I tried this method with sudo but it doesn’t work. How do I activate the plugin?

pip freeze output:

pip freeze | grep tutor
# Editable install with no version control (tutor==17.0.1)
-e /Users/tutordev/Library/Python/3.10/lib/python/site-packages

tutor plugins list output:

tutor plugins list
android  	installed	17.0.0
discovery	installed	17.0.0
ecommerce	installed	17.0.0
forum    	installed	17.0.0
mfe      	✅ enabled	17.0.0
minio    	installed	17.0.0
myplugin 	✅ enabled	/Users/tutordev/Library/Application Support/tutor-plugins/
notes    	installed	17.0.0
webui    	installed	17.0.0
xqueue   	installed	17.0.0

the plugin error in tutor:

tutor plugins enable aspects
Error: plugin 'aspects' is not installed.

my tutor version 17.0.0

That is very strange. What is the output of:

python -c "from importlib.metadata import entry_points; print(entry_points(group='tutor.plugin.v1'))"