Assigning Groups to Courses

Hi there!
We want groups in one of our courses. Some groups will be able to enter the subsections, some will not. However, some students can be in more than one group. In this case Open edX does not allow this. We have 1078 students, it is a very difficult task to define a group for each of 1078 people and associate them with those people in Cohort. How can we do this, what are your suggestions?
Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

How many different groups will you need? If it’s only two, you might be able to use cohorting for one and content experiments (A/B testing) for the other. If I remember correctly you can manually assign learners to specific content groups for that.

If you need more than two splits you might be out of luck with the default Open edX platform. There are some weird things you can do with subsection prereqs and the “never show grade” option that can kind of provide a third group, but it’s messy.

Nice suggestions. I am with you.