Self-assigned cohorts

Hello community!

I perused the docs and failed to find a way to let learners self-assign into a cohort.
It’s for an open course which is tailored for two different target audiences, which would run for two or three years without supervision, hence the need to automate cohort assignment without admin intervention.

Is this feature unavailable in open edX?
Is there an add-on feature that could do it?

I am thinking of breaking up the course in two clones tailored for one audience each as a backup option.

Hi Vincent - I’ve always wanted a way to allow self-cohorting in MOOCs and the closest option has been to create Teams… Hopefully there is an add-on in the Open edX world.


Sorry I’m just seeing this after 4 months. We built a cohort selector block a while back for this purpose.

It’s a few versions old, so it’ll probably need some work to be compatible with Maple. And it does require a tweak to one file in Open EdX, since cohorts are originally designed in Open Edx to only be editable by staff members. But have at it if you like!