Create group of 5 students in OpenEdx how i can achieve this in Nutmeg

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I only wanted to create group of 5 children in OpenEdx for a particular project how I can achieve this thing. I wanted Implement Project based learning in which I wanted to randomly 5 students groups automatically please guide me how i can do that.

Team Evaluations

Workgroup members can provide anonymous feedback to each other.
Collaborative learning

Students are organized into workgroups (aka cohorts) to work on a set of problems in a collaborative way.
Team communication

The group project interface allows students to send emails to other individual group members or the entire group.

Private discussions

Private (aka cohorted) discussions can be configured for the group project to provide a platform for discussing the assignments among teammates and avoid revealing the results/ideas to other workgroups or future course students.


Course authors can provide a set of resources - videos or documents - to help orient students, provide deliverable templates, or just share some relevant information about the assignment.

Hello @Parvin_Kumar !

Open edX’s Cohorts come the closest to providing the features you’re looking for. Cohorts offers:

  • small discussion forum groups
  • automatic allocation of cohort members
  • cohort-specific course content

Check out the documentation to find out how to use it, and more details on what it offers: 12.1.1. Using Cohorts in Your Courses — Building and Running an Open edX Course documentation

FYI: OpenCraft developed the Group Project XBlock which offers Team Evaluation, Collaborative Learning, and other features you mention here. It is an open source XBlock, but was designed for a specific client for use on their special fork of the Open edX platform, so it does not work with Nutmeg. But if you have a development budget, you can contact us to find out more.


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