Automating Updates for Randomized Content Blocks in Multiple Courses When Libraries Change

Dear Open edX community,

We set up the Nutmeg release of Open edX. We are utilising a library for our question bank in accordance with this documentation (10.37. Randomized Content Blocks — Building and Running an Open edX Course documentation).

As per the documentation “If you modify the contents of a library that is referenced by randomized content blocks in one or more courses, those courses do not automatically use the updated content. You can bring the randomized content blocks up to date with the version in the library.”

It is simple to go into each course and update randomly generated content blocks if we have 5–10 courses. However, we have more than 150 courses and 50 libraries in our case. Going through each course and updating random content blocks once a library’s contents change is really challenging.

Is there a setting or flag that will automatically update courses when the library changes?

Exists a different online solution? We are unable to employ third parties who offer centralized content, such as H5P, etc., for some reason.

Thank you in advance for your help.