How can I actually use Library content in a Course?

I’ve created a simple Library with content about how to set up labs. I created 2 Text Components within that Library to hold the instructions. I want to now reference those two Text Components in multiple Courses. How can I do this? I can’t actually see any way to do that, and it doesn’t say anything about using the content in a class here, only creating it and sharing it: 8.5. Working with Content Libraries — Building and Running an Open edX Course documentation

Oh wow…just found this…

Are you telling me the point of Libraries is not to share common material between classes, but only to share common quiz questions? So basically if I want to use this for inter-class common material, I need to create Libraries with one piece of content per Library and then select a “randomized” content block which is picking from 1 of 1 pieces of content?

Is there some better way to share materials between classes and between instructors? This will kind of work, but it’s also kind of janky!

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