Contents management in Library


I really like Library in open edX. I can define question bank by Library and apply those questions in many courses.

That’s perfect, but… It is so primitive the feature of Library now. For example I want to group questions into categories, or I want to define the level of difficulty for each question. Then, in my course, I can randomize questions from bank, within a category, of by level of easy/medium/hard… For now, I have to create many Library (one for each category and then, for each difficulty level again… Oh my God!!!). When I have many Library, moving questions among those Libraries is a nightmare.

Anybody has sugession for using Library in more efficient way? Or is there any plan to upgrade Library feature in next release? Or there is a Library XBlock which I don’t know?

Thank you for any comments.


@Hoang_PHAM_HUY Yes, there are some plans to improve libraries – see these related threads:

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Thank you very much @antoviaque for your reply.
I will follow the discussion threads you mentioned to update info.

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