Available Cairn metrics

During the last Data working group meetup we discussed the creation of a standard set of metrics that should be available in any analytics solution for Open edX. There was interest in a list of the metrics that are currently available in Cairn. Of course Cairn allows you to collect and view just any metric from your Open edX platform, as long as the data is available from the tracking logs or the MySQL database. But out of the box, the default Cairn dashboard comes with visualizations for the following metrics:

  • Weekly course engagement:
    • Number of enrolled learners
    • Number of active learners
    • Number of learners who watched a video
    • Number of learners who tried a problem
    • Average time spent in course
  • Course progress:
    • Number of students who completed each unit
    • Grade distribution histogram
  • Course demographics:
    • Gender distribution
    • Level of education distribution
  • Video engagement:
    • Number of unique viewers
    • Average watch time
    • Total watch time
    • Second-per-second statistics:
      • Number of unique viewers
      • Total number of views

Screenshots for these metrics are available here: Overhang.IO | Tutor Plugins - cairn

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