Video content analysis

Hi there,

Is there a data of how many minutes the videos in the course were viewed? How can i get this data?

If the videos are hosted on YouTube then you can use the YouTube account dashboard to view all details like number of views, total minutes, and average time of the watched content.

thanks for replying but we don’t host on youtube:)

Hi @Hilal_Gungor, Open edX Insights collects and visualizes data about learners’ engagement with video content. You can read about it here. And if you’d like to get detailed information about the computations that Insights makes for video engagement, you can refer to this section of the official documentation.

Note that standard installations of Open edX don’t include Insights; additional steps are required to set it up.

thanks for replying but as i know they’re not going to support Insights anymore. If it’s true, i need a longterm solution.

@Hilal_Gungor I see, if you don’t want to rely on Insights, one option would be to extract relevant data from the tracking logs yourself. See the list of Video Interaction Events for details. (Most likely, the events that you’d want to have a closer look at would be,,, and