Batch upload grades

Does anybody know how can I manually grade a graded unit by upload a csv file with the grades?

Would this fit what you are looking for?

Yes that is what I am looking for but I cannot see such an option in my instance. I use the Ironwook version. Do I need to install additional XBlock and/or make any changes on admin panel?

You need add the xblock on advance config “edx_sga”.

check this url

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@sbernesto thank you for your response.
This xblock is already installed on my instance but it requires manually grading for each sumbission.
I would like to be able to upload a .csv file containing all grades and automatically grade students’ submissions.
Lets say I have a coding class on Open Edx and I require students to upload a file inside open edx or outside of Open edx and batch upload by using a csv file all grades.
Is this possible?

@gpsathas Hi, if you have coding clas than external grader could be used to avoid manual work with uploading grades to the OeX. Please take a look at the link

@idegtiarov thank you for your response.

I am aware of this functionality, but I don’t have the available knowledge and skills to set it up properly because I need to play with multiple server settings.

I had hired an Open Edx developer to set up the Jupyter grader xblock and I can use this to add code graded assignments, but it works only with Jupyter notebook.

I am just searching for an alternative or an easy setup to add assignments easily, and be able to batch upload a csv file with the grades and probably the feedback. The edx-sga xblock is perfect but there is no batch grading functionality.

@gpsathas An option to consider, if any budget or developer time is available to you, is to sponsor the development of that feature (or of a part of it), including its merge in the upstream edx-sga project. This way, instead of paying a developer for a short term custom change, the outcome of the development work becomes a long term feature that is used and taken into account by the community as a whole, and which will thus more easily keep working when upgrading to the latest version of Open edX.