Upload homework and give comments

Is there a way to let the students to upload assignments but only for the eyes of the instructor (because of the privacy issue); in addition, can the instructor add feedback to the individual assignment?

I would like the students to upload their CV on edx platform, while the instructor can give them feedback right away; if there is no such a function, they may need to open a google document and upload the link for the instructor.

Please advise, thanks!

Try Staff Graded Assignment.

Only instructor/staff user can see the uploaded document.

And feedback can also be given by them along with marks as well.

As @chintan says, you must use that module, to activate it in advanced options in modules add “edx_sga” and with that you can use it

Where can i see the staff graded assignment column?

You have to write “edx_sga” in the advanced modules list (in Studio). If you have other advanced modules activated, don’t forget the comma!

To create a staff graded assignment, it will be under “advanced” once the module is activated.

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