Blended development BD-43 project updates

As some of you know, edX launched a Blended Development project (BD-43) in September to accelerate the development of new features in Tutor. This is tremendously useful, because it gives me time to support the community and develop new, free features in Tutor core.

@e0d is my project lead on BD-43, and he suggested that I post my project updates in a public space. Thus I’ll post here progress reports at the beginning of every sprint, every two weeks or so. If you have questions feel free to add them right here :arrow_heading_down:




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I expect to be working on the following items:

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Previous sprint notes

I also worked on the following items:


During this sprint we will remain focused on MFE development:

  • Make it possible to override translations (see issue)
  • Improve MFE image build time, as discussed here
  • Facilitate MFE branding, as proposed by @BbrSofiane here

Also, we will start the process of migrating Tutor plugins to the Maple release. Volunteers are welcome! It would be great if some people could handle the migration of some plugins. Contributors should basically follow the process described here. I’ll write a more detailed post to organise the upgrades. In the meantime, if you are interested, just send me a personal message.


Previous sprint notes


This update is past due, as I am writing this close to the end of the sprint, during which I focused mostly on the Maple upgrade: Preparing for the Maple release 🍁 - Maintainers - Overhang.IO
Volunteers have stepped up to upgrade some of the Tutor plugins, which is awesome :slight_smile: Issues are being reported to the BTR group: Issues · openedx/build-test-release-wg · GitHub