Goodbye DevX Working Group... hello Tutor Users' Group!

Background :books:

In 2022, we started the Developer Experience Working Group. At the time it wasn’t clear if Tutor, Devstack, or something else would be the ideal development environment for everybody.

Great progress has been made since then:

Despite all this work, the DevX meetings themselves have become quiet. With resources changing and everyone busy with their various projects, we spent our last meeting discussing a new structure. So, I have two announcements and one proposal:

Announcement: The DevX Working Group is dissolved! :boom:

Announcement: Join the Tutor Users’ Group :handshake:

It’s become clear that there is an acute need to support new Tutor users and plugin developers. It’s also clear that Tutor maintainers benefit from hearing feedback from people who are using the tool.

So, I will host one-hour users’ group every other week for sharing help, tips, and feedback on using Tutor and developing Tutor plugins. Bring your questions, and get ready for some live debugging! Expert or newbie, all are welcome. Please let me know which times would work for you:

  • 14 UTC Monday
  • 14 UTC Tuesday
  • 14 UTC Wednesday
  • Other Day/Time (leave a comment)
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Just like DevX WG was, the Tutor Users’ Group will be nested under the “DevOps Working Group” of which @regis is the chair.

Proposal: Deprecate Devstack in favor of Tutor :city_sunset:

The Open edX project has nominally supported both Devstack and Tutor as developer environments for a while. I know there are still a couple pain points with Tutor, particularly build times and MFE development. I also know that these issues are solvable–especially if we focus on them.

I think it’s time to move on from Devstack and focus our collective efforts on Tutor. Together, with efforts of the Tutor Users’ Group and Tutor Maintainers, I’m confident that Open edX project can support a single excellent development & production deployment tool.

Please comment your thoughts below. If there aren’t serious objections, I can officially propose this using the OEP process just as we did when we switched from the Native Installation to Tutor.


Looks like a tie between Monday and Tuesday. I can vote on Tuesday if this meeting is biweekly (like before) and not scheduled on the same day as the “Kubernetes & Large/Multi Instances DevOps collaboration” and “LTI Working Group” meetings.

Regarding the depreciation proposal, I think people would love using Tutor over DevStack! :rocket: But as you mentioned, we should find the reasons why people are fighting against adopting Tutor over DevStack and start fixing them.

@kmccormick did this group ever get scheduled? I don’t see anything of the WG calendar. I’m hoping to keep tabs on Tutor developments on behalf of 2U.

Thanks for your patience folks :pray: Let’s get this going.

:loud_sound: We will be meeting every other Monday at 14 UTC, opposite weeks Build-Test-Release. So that first meeting would be this coming Monday, 25 March at 14:00 UTC (10:00am in Boston, and 19:00 in Lahore). We’ll take notes here, and you can add agenda items ahead of time, but you don’t have to. See you there!

FYI @tutor-maintainers .