Bulk assign due dates (extensions)

Suggestions for bulk assigning a manual due date to a list of users to complete an entire course by a specific due date?

Currently only functionality I can see that comes close to this are extensions, but this requires assigning users one-at-a-time and one lesson at a time.

Hi @Mike_Sorrell some things you might consider

There are CCX courses which allow you to make “child” courses from a master and assign them to unique student groups and set their own deadlines. But I haven’t worked with those in years and they were a bit clunky and lightly supported even when I did. For example, edits made to the master don’t automatically propagate to the children, so it makes maintenance tougher. But it does look like the feature still exists in the latest version! 6.3.8. Creating a Custom Course — Building and Running an Open edX Course: Olive Release documentation

I know some folks who enforce student-specific deadlines in a separate system and then use the APIs to enroll/unenroll users based on those user-specific dates. This won’t work for every use case and it means that after a student’s deadlines passes they no longer have access to the course. But I’ve seen it done.
It’s too bad it does not appear that there is an API to modify student extensions, because that could provide a potentially elegant way to quickly edit extensions for all enrolled students. I wonder if anyone has built something like this?

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