Dates in subsections API gradebook

Is there an API endpoint in nutmeg that could receive the submission date of the assignments? I’ve looked everywhere, but no luck.

I don’t have experience in this, so please take what I say with grain of salt.

The thing is that there are different type of course, 1) course that open (self-pace) and course that 2) instructor based, (where insturcor set deadline for each assignment/section/subsection…etc).

Now for each type probably the dates assignment might differ.

Beside the info below my personal/humble undsertnading of how grading works in Open edX is that:

The philosophy is that it doesn’t matter when a student submit thier assigment as long as they submmit it before the due date. Again this statement is pure speculation.

Thank you Ghassan, I understand it. However, I’m looking for self-paced courses. If the assignment is submitted I can see it in the server. But, I see there is no API endpoint to get this. Is there any way I can get this with the API without modifying the source code or implementing something with tutor?