Bulk emails and site_configuration

Has anyone successfully used bulk email with site configuration?

I have multiple sites but all emails seems to want to use URLs from the original site when I try to use {platform_name} or any other tags mentioned in https://github.com/edx/edx-platform/blob/open-release/ironwood.master/lms/djangoapps/bulk_email/admin.py.

It’s as if there is no override in the bulk email templates of the values originally put in lms.env.json.

For example, LMS_ROOT_URL or PLATFORM_NAME do not change if I put new values for a different site in site_configuration. And as a result, bulk emails still refer to the original site and not the alternative site I am trying to configure and use.

Has anyone tried something similar? Has anyone encountered that issue? Is there a solution I cannot figure out?

Thanks for any advice.

We are planning to use it and search how to implement this, at least with a full change of the templates.

You can create a new course email template with name “XXX”, and then in site-configuration you set “course_email_template_name”:“XXX”, and it should use your template when sending a bulk email from the other site.


Yes, I agree about using course_email_template_name”:“XXX” , that’s what we are doing as part of our tests. I am trying to understand why some of the variables in the footer of the standard template are still using the “default site” value instead of the site-configuration value for a different site.

You might also run into this issue unless you do a full change of the templates. If you find a way to use some of the tags without explicitly hardcoding the values as part of your new templates, let me know. Especially for {platform_name} and {course_url} which seem to only use the default value for PLATFORM_NAME. Thanks.