Calling for help getting repos updated for phase 1 of Node 16 migration

Please refer to this document for the node 16 migration plan:

We are looking for help finishing out the first phase of node16 migration, which is to do Add Node16 support (which adds the matrix to the CI builds in Github actions, but does not actually change the node version to node 16 in deployment). The ideal state is to have all three node versions testing fine. Arbi-BOM tooling should have already created PRs for each of these repos with the title ‘build: add support for node v16’. You will see example PRs in the sheet. Here is an example PR created by ArbiBOM tooling: build: Added support for node v16 by edx-requirements-bot · Pull Request #695 · openedx/frontend-app-admin-portal · GitHub

Why this matrix?

This step will enable us to fix and clear out any issues blocking node16, before we remove node12 and 14 from the support matrix. See doc for details.

What am I being asked to do?

We need help with the unfilled rows from this sheet linked on this page. If you want to help with a particular repo, please add your name on the Node 16 PR owner cell, find that PR, add a link to the PR in the next column, and help get it merged, and then highlight the cell Node16 PR green once it’s merged.

What will happen next? Check the doc for details, but post this step at some point, there will be removal of the node12 and node14 stages from the github workflows which will conclude the migration for that repo.

Please seek help from repo owners as well as community if you are stuck with something or have questions. Most repo owners will find this step easy to accept since it’s just adding a testing node that runs in addition to what runs today with node12.


I have just went over each repo PRs to add the link for its PR (if missing), however some repo/PRs were not found, here is a detailed list

  • edx-repo-health no releavnt PRs were found
  • edx-platform no relevant PRs were found
  • frontend-lib-special-exams no relevant PRs were found and is on /edx
  • prospectus: 404 repo not found neither on edx nor openedx
  • credentials no relevant PRs were found
  • edx-analytics-dashboard no relevant PRs were found

I haven’t added my name on any repo though, because I am not sure what would be my responsibility then :sweat_smile: I mean how exactly do I “help get it merged”?


Thanks, @ghassan, for reviewing the repo list! I think @Binod_Pant_2U will know more about that 404. As for the ones with missing PRs, I think the point is for us to help by creating some. :slight_smile:

Even without merge rights, testing and code reviews can go a long way!

I though the bot shall craete the PR, no? We were in the process of self creating PRs hence but @djoy at somepoint said we have to take a step back, because of somethihng has to do with edX/U2 infrastructure.

Now I am happy to try to create PRs for the repos above, following the steps in the document above. But can I get confirm that it shall be mergeable first, or will the will the bot replace me :grin:.

No I wasn’t referring to that, though it’s good to have but it’s not a blocker anyway. It’s tricky thouguh to review a bot PRs, should I just test the bot PRs but it’s tests are already passing right?.

Thanks @ghassan for doing this really appreciate it!

Want to clarify a few things

PRs from bot:

Yes the bot is supposed to create all the PRs automatically. However, looks like that process has been imperfect maybe or something hence we are not seeing PRs in every repo. I raised with ArbiBOM to see if they can do something about it. In the meantime if you don’t find a PR like that , the best course is to report it on the slack channel so we can route it to ArbiBOM.

So yes please do NOT self create PRs! The tooling is supposed to do that for us.

If you do find a PR and do decide to help with it, please add it to the sheet and update its status accordingly.

I added a column indicating 'phase 1 PR` which is what we are processing right now. Phase 2 will be when we remove node12,14.

Getting a PR merged should be treated like any other PR, please involve repo owners and get their help with approvals and then merge them. It may also involve getting their help or on your own fixing issues you find. We are trying to document all different kinds of fixes needed in the troubleshooting section of the linked Confluence doc, feel free to add to that when you find a kind of fix you think may apply to other PRs too.

HTH and again appreciate this a lot!

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Follow up I have followed up with Arbi-BOM team and reported the missing PRs above from Ghassan, thank you again!

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