Juniper is coming!

The Django 2.2 upgrade work is nearing completion. edX engineers are working on deploying updated code to production this week. This means we could start Juniper master branches very soon.

The known Juniper issues are in Jira here: [CRI-171] Open edX release: Juniper.

You can help get Juniper done, and done well, by doing some of these things:

  • Reproduce issues, and write up exactly how you did it. This will save other people time.
  • Fix problems. Even if you just have clues, and not a complete solution, it’s helpful to provide the information.
  • Write new issues. If you find something wrong with Juniper, write a ticket.
  • Collate information between Discourse and Jira. We have information in both places. If we can make Jira authoritative, it will reduce confusion. Discourse is good for when discussion is needed, but crisp descriptions of the problem should end up in Jira.

Thanks in advance for your help. It’s great to see the community pull together to produce the community release!

BTW, I wrote an FAQ about the Open edX releases, let me know if there are things to add.


Thanks @nedbat! Any idea what’s the timeline for the Juniper release work?

As you know, most of the engineers work on Sprint based work, so it’s not always possible to greatly adjust timelines.

Regardless, I’m sharing it with my team and we’ll do what we can.

We need these issues addressed as soon as possible. The Juniper master branches could be created as soon as next week.

Thanks for the info @nedbat and congratulations for the new upgrade!

Just want to ask: how can we test it? Is there a guide to install it locally? or a site were we can make browser level tests?

Thanks in advance


For now, testing the master branches is the best thing. Master branches are what get deployed to every day, and will be the source for Juniper.

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@nedbat master wasn’t installing properly for me last evening. Even after @billatedx pushed his most recent PR.

@Yago it’s going to take some time before we manage to deploy the release candidates to demo sites. But we’ll make sure to make available a server for anyone to tinker with.

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