Can I change Progress tracking to not count watching videos?

On my course I have the option to watch a video or read a PDF with the same content if the user can’t get videos to work.

One of my students pointed out their Progress page will show lessons at 50% complete when they don’t watch a video, and they don’t get the tick to say the lesson is complete either.

Is there a way I can remove or disable the requirement to watch videos to get 100% progress completion?

Hi James-Gaunt,
To resolve this issue, you can adjust the progress tracking settings in your course platform. Look for an option to mark PDF completion as equivalent to video completion. If your platform doesn’t support this, consider contacting their support team for assistance or implementing a custom solution through the platform’s API or settings.

Hi @James_Gaunt and welcome! Unfortunately I don’t know the answer to your question.

@Maverick welcome to our forums as well. A question for you: are you describing course platforms generically, or the Open edX platform specifically? This forum is for Open edX platform discussions. If you know how to make this change specifically on the Open edX platform, I’m sure @James_Gaunt would love to hear it.

I don’t know of any good ways to do this, just a couple of hacky ones that have significant drawbacks.

At a site level, how much of a video you have to watch in order for it to count as “complete” is determined by the COMPLETION_VIDEO_COMPLETE_PERCENTAGE setting in the LMS. It’s 0.95 by default. The comment indicates that you can set it to 0, which might sort of give you the behavior you’re looking for (videos always marked as complete), but I don’t know of anyone who’s done this, so I don’t know if it’ll work.

Another hacky thing you might do for an individual course might be to hide the video blocks from students and use HTML components where you manually add the video into the HTML by using YouTube’s iframe embed. At that point, those wouldn’t count as “videos” from the point of view of the platform.