Cannot assign `Group Community TA` to any user

In some of my courses I cannot promote any user to be a Group Community TA. The response from the server indicates that this role does not defined for those courses. So I go further and found that django_comment_client_role table doesn’t have ‘Group Moderator’ role for some courses.
I want to know if these course-role pairs have added manually?
And if I can add a new role for my course?

OK, I found the issue,
recently we have upgraded from dogwood to hawthorn. old courses which came from the old system doesn’t have ‘Group Moderator’ roll. so now the question is, Is it possible to define this roll for some of those courses which are still running? is it safe to directly add a row for it to the table?

Did you upgrade to each release along the way (Eucalyptus, Ficus, Ginkgo, Hawthorn)? Or you made one big jump from Dogwood to Hawthorn?

@nedbat upgraded step by step, except that I jumped over ginkgo. but haven’t seen any problem during migrations.