Course Team Access Management

Hi. I’m running openedx palm 3 with tutor. We need to give TA access to some of the users so that they can review and grade assessments. First we tried using the available options in the instructor dashboard > membership > Course Team Management. But all the existing accesses seem to be about moderating discussions and only those with “staff” access can grade assessments. The problem is that the staff can do a lot more than just grading. So what should we do now? Is there any way of adding our custom access to the course and users?

Edit: I found the limited_staff access in the code which seems to be a staff member with no studio access. But I found no place (neither in django admin nor in studio) where this role is shown and is selectable. So I tried assigning this role to a user by adding the object to CourseAccessRole. The object is added but it seems to have no effect. But when I add staff access with this same approach, it affects the user rights.

After some more testing and research I found this access (and yes it’s working) while using devstack. The only problem is that these all exist on the master branch and not in the palm 3 version. So anyone has any idea when these changes will be realeased?