Cannot enroll if create professional course mode


Anybody can explain me why I cannot enroll a course if is has profession course mode?

By default, learners can sucessfully enroll the course. That’s ok but when I go to admin page (admin/course_modes) and create professional course mode, there nothing happen when learner click button “Enroll Now”. No message explain the exception. As the learners will go to audit track by default, I also tried to create 2 course modes: audit and professional, but still cannot enroll.

Anyone can help me please.
Thank you

How have you configured COURSE_MODE_DEFAULTS?

We had a similar problem with the enroll button on the Course “about” page when we set suggested_prices for our Honor mode to Null instead of ''.

Peter Pinch
MIT Open Learning

Hi Peter

I did not setup COURSE_MODE_DEFAULTS yet. Only create 2 course modes: audi and professional. I can accept that learners enroll to audit track as default. But the problem is that they cannot enroll when click to “Enroll Now” button in course about page.

Does that mean when create course mode for a course, we need to setup COURSE_MODE_DEFAULTS?

Just more information. It does not relate to COURSE_MODE_DEFAULTS. If I remove the Professional course mode, and create Honor couse mode, it works. And if I define Professional course mode and also setup COURSE_MODE_DEFAULTS, learners still cannot enroll.

So I don’t know what is the problem here.


I read some more discussions and it seams that “professional course mode” requires ecommerce? Is that correct? That might be the reason why learners cannot enroll course if the course has “professional course mode”.

Anybody can help me please?