Can't install because base.txt contain pycontracts-1.8.14!

Hello, this is my first time using edx,i am really new, otherwise i am not a python amator.
i can’t install juniper because the base.txt contain a wrong version of pycontracts, there are no version of 1.8.14, just 1.8.12, how i can correct this.

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The issue has since been fixed in the repo. c.f commit. Please pull the latest code and try again.

thank for your quick response, but when run the command
wget https: / / / edx / configuration / $OPENEDX_RELEASE / util / install / - O - | bash
the error still in file base.txt !!!

Try using open-release/juniper.master as open-release/juniper.1 is broken by the error you reported.

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Thank you very much, thats work as well,