Can't register for Open edX sandbox (

I’m super excited about this new open sandbox for trying out open edX:

But I’m getting an error when I try to register (using Mac Firefox)

@pdpinch you’re not alone. I am getting the same error.

I’m getting the same error.
Also it happens when I click ‘Create Account’, the submit is pending indefinitely.

Another issue I faced with Open edX sandbox is an SSL protocol error when trying to access I get the following screen (tested using chrome)

Screenshot from 2022-10-04 15-22-21

@pdpinch , @sambapete , @ARMBouhali
Thanks for being the first visitors and testers of the sandbox.
Due to a missunderstanding, the blogpost about the sandbox was released ahead of time.
We are currently sorting a technical issue that causes these errors and once fully tested it will be published again.

@pdpinch @sambapete @ARMBouhali The technical errors of the sandbox have been resolved. Please test on your end and thank you for your patience!

First of all, thanks for fixing the errors. I could register and access easily both LMS dashboard and Studio.

What I like about it:

  • Restyled user menu in the header to make it look more like the header used by MFEs.
  • Restyled course about page and course list pages. They kind of look better compared to the default Open edX styling.

Things lacking IMO:

  • Maybe showcasing other features such as course search or third-party authentication. (Facebook, google, LinkedIn, etc).


  • Not a single MFE. I see micro-frontends as the pride of Open edX’s UI. I know it was probably a choice to drop MFEs for simplicity, performance, or coherence reasons (since parts of the platform still lack an implementation), but they are a major improvement of user experience and a strong marketing asset.

New errors:

  • Several subsections of Open edX 102 show HTTP 500 errors.
  • Inline discussions not working, possible reasons: forum service not installed, or ElasticSeach indices not created correctly.

Good luck making fixing the remaining issues.
FYI @juancamilom

Thanks for your testing and feedback @ARMBouhali .

We have fixed the discussions and the student notes service causing the issues in course 102 already.

We should have MFEs and advanced features such as TPA coming down the line.

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