Open edX Sandbox

Hello all,
I’ve successfully registered for the Open edX Sandbox but receiving an error when trying to use Studio.

Do you know if it’s working? We have an older version of Open edX installed and a lot of input on usability of Studio from our users that we want to check if they are solved in the newest version.



That looks like an error that wasn’t there earlier, and maybe the team that maintains this hasn’t been alerted yet. @eduNEXT is there someone on your team that we should alert to this? (And thank you for volunteering to maintain this for the community)

Hello @Lucila_Mortara

It is definitely working, and I can provide assistance with any issue in the community sandbox, but I wasn’t able to reproduce any issue accesing studio.
please provide me with more details and a screenshot of what you are experiencing.

ps. the sandbox is not yet in the latest version but it will soon be.

Thanks Juanca!
It’s indeed working now, can you share with me which version is the Sandbox using? Couldn’t find it, but according to the Help sectinos linked to Studio it seems to be Maple.

Thanks Again!

Maple indeed :). I’m glad you managed :slight_smile: