Certificate Generation for non eligible candidates

Hi, We are migrating our current LMS to open edx and we have made preparations to migrate our existing course content and user data. We also have scripts to enroll users in their respective courses once the courses migration is done. The problem we are facing is, how should we generate certificates for users who already completed the course on our platform. We found a manage.py command that does this but this command only generates certificates for eligible candidates, We want to be able to provide certificates to candidates even if they have zero progress in that course, Because the corresponding candidate already completed that course and received the certificate in our previous lms. How can we achieve this?

This is the command we are using:
./manage.py lms cert_generation -u <user_id> -c <course_key>

Any support, guidance or suggestions are appreciated. Thanks

There isn’t a management command for it but the feature you’re looking for is the CertificateAllowList This ADR provides some details on how it would work.

You should be able to add users via the instructor dash for this for testing purposes but you probably want to add a management command for the bulk move.

If you do end up adding a management command for this, I think that is a contribution that we would accept since I imagine it would be useful to others as well.

Hi @feanil thank you for your response. Is there an option on Instructor dashboard where we can change the certificate eligibility criteria which allows even zero progress candidates to get certificates ?

I’m not sure about that, but perhaps others can chime in.

Ok thanks for your help :+1: