Certificate Link is Not Appearing on Instructor Dashboard

I am using edx ginkgo version, I had enable course Certificates and can able to preview certificate from Studio as Admin staff user, but when i View live version of that course and comes down to Instructor dashboard i can’t see Certificate Link after Analytics. i am using an Instructor-paced course.

Followings things i already done:

  1. modify lms.env.json and cms.env.json, add following

  2. Enabling Course Mode from Django admin

  3. Course Studio Advanced Settings > Certificate Web/HTML View field set to true.

  4. create certificate & add signature in Studio: Settings > Certificate

anything i am missing ?

Hello @deep06 ,

Follow this link to enable certificates in open edX.

Thanks Jramnai,

But i already have certificates activated in Course i can even preview it in Studio. But i am not getting Certificate Link in Instructor Dashboard at LMS.

Have you set this in admin panel?

Check this once and enable it. Restart your service.

Hi jramnai,

i had also done that too, please have a look into attach screen shot.
Please let me know , if i am missing some thing.

Have you changed mode of the course for which you are not able to see the certificate in instructor tab? Set course mode to honor or verified, cause certificates are available in these modes only.

If yes, then i am out of pointers now.

i had only enabled honor mode, let me check with other modes.

thanks for you help.

Hi deep06!
I see the same issue on my platform. Have you maybe solved yours?

Hi Filip,
nope, still there with my Ginkgo instance. So i am planning to install hawthorn on a fresh VM and will look into this certificate issue.