Certificates django app automated deployment


We’re using the Certificates django app in the LMS to provide per-org and per-course certificate templates and template overwrites and I’ve been digging around for a while now trying to find some answers with no luck!

Firstly, does the Certificates django app support partial django templates? Right now there’s a lot of duplicate code floating around in all of our templates and, for example, making sure that all courses have their template overrides updated to reflect header changes is a big hole in our process that would be easily fixed with partial templates but I haven’t been able to find anything on that.

Secondly, is there a way to automate deployment of these? Digging through the certificates app itself I wasn’t able to really find where the file uploads are stored on the server and definitely wasn’t able to find the db entries related to the paths.

Not a whole lot of talk on the certificates app in general on here, was hoping someone would be able to point me in the correct direction! Thanks!