Change subdomain of the studio url


We are trying to setup UAT environment on different subdomains on the same domain. So basic subdomains work however studio subdomain is just appended to the base domain so it leads to our production is there a way to set this to work for example as while preserving functionality (for example “view in studio” button should lead to, etc)?
We are using tutor and Palm release.


edX requires at least four DNS entries to work correctly, a primary and three sub domains.
Typically done with an A record for the primary domain and a CNAME record for the subdomains pointing back to the A record

  • lms.yourlivedomain.tld: This is the primary domain of your site
  • preview.lms.yourlivedomain.tld: The subdomain to preview a page or course before publishing it
  • studio.lms.yourlivedomain.tld: The subdomain to construct the course
  • apps.lms.yourlivedomain.tld: The subdomain to construct the course

Meaning for your live site you’ll perhaps have:

and then for your beta test site you’ll have:

If the Live and UAT versions are hosted on separate servers then the A record for each primary domain will point to each server’s IP address.
If they are both served from the same server then they’ll both share an IP, this assumes that you are running a multiplatform setup.


In practical terms, you should first configure your DNS records, as explained by Joel above. Then, run tutor local launch again. And when asked about the hostname for the studio, you should type


Thank you Joel and Regis, with your help I managed to get it working. I tried to mark both responses as “solution” however it allows me to only select one as a solution.

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