Assign subdomains to Open edX lms and studio

Installed ironwood.master code in my ubuntu server 16.04. At the time of installation, I created a config.yml and given these details

          `EDXAPP_LMS_BASE: ` `"IP"`
          `EDXAPP_CMS_BASE: ` `"IP:18010"`

Now I need to change these IPs to respective domains as

        for LMS    :
       for studio :

Need to add the above domains in the already installed open-edx code. Please support me to solve this issue.

Note: Currently the above open-edx was serving on IP

Hi @aks - Just letting you know that I’ve moved your thread to the Ops Help topic for better visibility, and giving this question a bump in the process! I hope someone will assist you soon, as unfortunately I’m not able to myself.