Changing defaults for three edx-platform toggles

We are planning on changing the defaults for several settings in edx-platform, specifically:


While these were previously defaulted to False, we are planning on defaulting these to True with the possibility of removing the second two toggles entirely with a future DEPR ticket.

If you have any questions about these changes, please let us know here.

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Hi Diana!
I’ve been reviewing the ENABLE_COPPA_COMPLIANCE setting, but I couldn’t find much information in the documentation. Do you have exactly what are the implications of enabling COPPA compliance?

In particular, I’d like to know what the impact would be from setting ENABLE_COPPA_COMPLIANCE to true on accounts created through third-party auth, and accounts created via API.

Yes, we have some documentation on the setting: Feature Toggles — edx-platform Technical Reference documentation

The short answer is that it removes Year of Birth information from registration form and other similar places.

I’ve seen what’s in the feature toggles doc, but there is not much detail. I didn’t understand what’s the meaning of removing YOB from the registration form, because this is not something asked there. I’ve seen YOB asked only to access the account settings.