OEP-17: Feature Toggles (implementation update)

We are announcing a number of implementation updates related to OEP-17: Feature Toggles, which covers how to implement toggles, document toggles, and report on toggles for discovery and removal.

Implement and Document Toggles

Use our toggles library throughout the Open edX codebase, in any Independently Deployable Application (IDA) (e.g. the LMS, Studio, Discovery, etc.).

How do I learn more about toggles and how to annotate them?

Can I also document non-toggle Django settings?

You bet!

Have we started documenting toggles (and settings)?

Yes we have. Also, if you haven’t yet read about it, see our blog post on the Toggles and Settings Doc-a-thon 2021.

Reporting Capabilities

The toggles reporting capabilities are also available for all IDAs, but there is some minor work to do to expose the capabilities in IDAs outside of edx-platform.

Here are the feature toggle reporting capabilities that could be made available for your favorite IDA

How do I get these toggle reporting capabilities for my favorite IDA?

If you want one or any of the above capabilities for your IDA, just follow the simple steps in the how-to for enabling toggles reporting for your IDA.

That’s really cool. Can I write new types of annotations and extract to readthedocs?

With a little elbow grease.

How did this all come to be?

Thanks to all involved in the blended project: [BD-21] Toggles/Settings Documentation, and a special thanks to @regis. These updates were built upon former work from the Arch-BOM squad.

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