Disable Advanced Settings in Studio

Is there a way to disable the “Advanced Settings” in Studio for Instructors/ Staff and give the rights to a specific user to access the “Advanced Settings” in Studio?

If it requires some customization in the code, please help to locate the right files for changes.

If you want to just hide it, you can locate the html code for it and insert a condition for only superuser to be able to access it.

If you want to do it properly, you’ll need to locate the view file and put a condition there.

Thanks for your suggestion. If possible, please point out the relevant code files and location path.

The navigation link is located in the widgets/header.html template, the template that contains the HTML code for the advanced settings page is settings_advanced.html, and the view file that controls it all is cms/djangoapps/contentstore/views/course.py.

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@mtyaka Many thanks for your help to point out the relevant files for disabling the Advanced Settings. I hope someday, this functionality will be available in admin side.