Course advanced settings saved successfully but didn't commit to MYSQL

I tried to change Course Display Name in course Advanced settings.
It saved without problem, when I reload the page the value in Studio did change, but not in the LMS, I queried the data from course_overviews_courseoverview and I didn’t see any changes.
It happened with other fields in Advanced settings as well.
I did log cms and cms-worker, there were no errors found.
I’m using tutor v16.1.8 (palm.4)

This happened when I stopped tutor v17 and launched tutor v16.1.7 from another machine. When I launched tutor v17 again, the issue went away.
I guess it was something with databases because I run them outside of tutor.

I got the same issue, have you solve this. I’m Nguyen too, btw

As I mentioned, the issue happened because I downgraded my instance. Upgrading to the version before downgrading fixed it.
Tutor does not support downgrading so errors could happen.