Changing the IP address of a running Open edX instance

Hi guys,

Is it possible to change the IP address of a running open edX instance, will it not break?? I have just realized that the IP address which i used in my config.yml is private, so want to change it to a public IP address.

we usually don’t set an IP address inside config.yml. can you explain for which configuration did you set an IP address. however I suggest you to reinstall the platform if you can.

@mahyard installation instructions step #2 ,the host names of LMS and Studio`


I used a private IP address as my host names ,now i want to change it to a public one,so is there way to do it besides reinstalling the platform?

I don’t know any easy way to do so. If you cannot reinstall the platform then try to find and replace all occurrences of your old value (IP addr) to the new value (fqdn) in both ~edxapp/lms.env.json and ~edxapp/cms.env.json and then restart lms and cms. I’m not sure but it may be the solution.