ChatGPT powered features


Wajahat here from Edly. I am working as a product manager in Edly’s SaaS offering. We are discovering and building AI powered features like Context aware AI-Tutor, Real time feedback xblock, GPTzero integration and couple of other fun and engaging features.

For now, we would love to hear about the community’s feedback about the beta version of xblock we created for real time AI powered feedback.

One of our accounts mentioned that instructors are time constrainted to provide feedback to the qualitative questions. As a solution to this instructors can leverage AI to make their lives a little frictionless while getting more real time feedback to students.

Instructors can provide feedback guide lines as a context to the chatGPT’s completion model. Xblock will take context which includes; feedback guidelines (provided by instructor), question (provided by instructor) and answer (provided by learner) and provides feedback to learners to improve their answers. Learners can incorporate the feedback if they like and submit their answers.

Here is the link to the xblock. There are bunch of improvements we will be shipping for this xblock soon.

I would be thrilled to discuss the Generative AI use cases community is discovering in open edX eco system and definitely would love share what else we are building in Gen AI space.

Happy building :upside_down_face: