Sell your Open edX courses with WooCommerce!

Hello!! :raised_hands:

I’m excited that we are close to finishing the WooCommerce Integration project.

This project will allow you to sell your Open edX courses with a third-party e-commerce, WooCommerce.

This Integration primarily focuses on workflows that are streamlined:

  • A course bought in WooCommerce will have the consequence that the enrollment for that course is created in the Open edX platform, understood with the enrollment as a seat in a specific course run.
  • If the order is refunded, the associated enrollment will be unenrolled using the soft delete(using the is_active flag) used in regular unenrollments.

If you want more information, you can visit the WooCommerce Discovery doc.

The current status of this project is:

What’s left?

  • Improve and complete the documentation.
  • Receive feedback from the community to improve the plugin and plan the next steps.

:scream: You can’t miss this demo if you’re curious to see how this works.

:speech_balloon: And if you’d like to discuss it live and have your questions answered directly, we’ll see you on October 18th at 12pm EDT.
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For today meeting:
To join the video meeting, click this link:
Otherwise, to join by phone, dial +57 601 8956250 and enter this PIN: 159 242 452 7263#
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Meeting notes:

I tried to connect with at indian standard time 22:17 pm but you where not available

@rahul.bhaskar I left the meeting notes in the previous post :raised_hands:

Hi I need to connect with you

@mafermazu Thank you for sharing this.

I have went through the docs, and installed the plugin on a wordpress sandbox, I was able to sync the plugin with dot application.

What I am still confused about is generally is that what is expirence from opreator/course author side, I am not sure how the course would be created and listed in the LMS, for example does the plugin expects that /courses /course-id/about pages not be presnet in the LMS and rather be handled by wordpress as a merketing site? if the answer is no, then how would the redirection works between the LMS <=> and wordpress.

Lastly is there a wordpress/WooEcommerce theme that you can recommend that doesn’t need much configurations.

Thanks again!

Hello @ghassan
Answering your questions…
This WordPress plugin shouldn’t modify the operator/course author’s experience. This doesn’t work as a marketing site with redirection; we don’t have redirections in our plugin; we only have API calls to the enrollments Open edX endpoints.

This plugin aims to sell; it is an alternative to the current e-commerce system.

This plugin allows you to create WooCommerce Products and select that this is an Open edX course, meaning that if this product is configured correctly, it will create an enrollment in Open edX if someone buys it from WordPress, and if you refund the product, that will generate an unenroll.

If you need, you can create redirections, but that is not in the scope of this first stage of this project.

About WordPress themes, you caught me off guard. I will ask my team if they know some themes :blush:

Hi, this endpoint is not showing in my openedx tutor api list
/api/enrollment/v1/enrollment_allowed/ is there a way to enable that api as I am able to see the COURSE ENROL ALLOWED menu in admin

Hey again @mafermazu and thanks for your reply.

If you need, you can create redirections, but that is not in the scope of this first stage of this project.

I understand, but when I compare to the ecommerce service to my knowlede, it works as in course about page

  • if the course mode or has the price it will redirect to ecommerce service and once the course is bought after payment…etc it will redirect to dashboard
  • if the course is free, it would just redirect to dashbaord or/and course home.

This bit is exactly what I messing for the demo, or how it is expected to be done once the LMS is set to use WooEcommerce plugin.

About WordPress themes, you caught me off guard. I will ask my team if they know some themes :blush:

Thank you that would be very much appercaited !

Hello @ghassan, thanks for your patience.

Right now, the plugin only allows you to create Open edX enrollments/unenrollments when a person performs a purchase or refund using WooCommerce. We didn’t consider redirections in this first phase. When we discussed the solution, created the discovery, and opened it to community feedback, the issue of redirects did not come up.

I will put your request in the following steps and future work. :sparkles:

About the WordPress theme, they don’t tell me a specific theme name but recommend using themes that are easy to customize with WooCommerce.

I used the OnePress theme for the demo video, a simple template with nothing weird or pre-setted. I installed WooCommerce, created a page, and used shortcodes to filter my courses ([products category="Courses"]).

I know that the Astra theme also works well and has a lot of started templates with pre-setted things. That helps you quickly create good-looking pages, but as I was unsure how to configure it, I prefer a simple theme. :see_no_evil:

Hello everyone! :raised_hands:
I am writing to announce the successful completion of the WooCommerce Integration project. I am pleased to report that all project objectives have been achieved.

Key Outcomes

I remain attentive to answering questions and responding to issues in the repo.

Thank you for being so supportive during the project :star2: