Community communication channels

Hi there,
The idea of this topic is to start discussing how can we improve our communication processes inside (and from outside) the community. Currently we have a number of tools: Slack, Discuss, Confluence, Github issues, Trello boards, Miro boards, Google docs, just to name a few. However, usage has never been formalized. Many times it’s confusing, specially for new users, where to make a comment or ask a question.

To start with something, let me summarize the most used tools and their characteristics:

  • Slack: Quick, near real time chat. Short and ephemeral conversations. Good to get urgent attention. Organized in channels. Allows personal private conversations. Notifications might be annoying and interrupting.
  • Discuss: Forum conversation. Mid term persistence. Organized in topics and subtopics. Posts usually live a few weeks, or up to a few months.
  • Confluence: Wiki like. Oriented to documents and pages. Long term persistence. Organized in spaces.
  • Github issues: Can track status, until arriving to a completion. Can be linked to code change.
  • Trello or Github projects: Organize issues in a Kanban-like board
  • Miro boards: Free and collaborative, unstructured. Ideal for brainstormings
  • Google docs: Document editor

This is a small list of typical communication needs:

  • Report a bug
  • Report a security issue
  • Share a finding with others
  • Make a simple technical question
  • Share a tip
  • Propose a new feature or enhancement
  • Ask for help for operations
  • Ask for help for installation
  • Ask for help for course authoring
  • etc.

And, a list of most frequent personas:

  • Learner
  • Course author
  • Course staff
  • System administrator
  • Open edX developer

Please feel free to enrich and improve these lists. Later on we can try to map personas to communication needs, and then to communication channels and develop a clear charter so anyone can know where to go.

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Hello, I’ve only had interactions with slack and discuss so based on my personal experience I’d say following

  • Report a bug // Something like could be setup ?
  • Report a security issue // Like edx is using, we can also put up something like
  • Share a finding with others // Discuss / Slack
  • Make a simple technical question// Discuss
  • Share a tip// Discuss /Slack
  • Propose a new feature or enhancement// Discuss/ Slack
  • Ask for help for operations // Discuss Devops channel
  • Ask for help for installation // Discuss Devops channel
  • Ask for help for course authoring // Discuss Course authoring channel

As for the personas we already have separated docs.