"Configuration Hangout" is on hold

In the past, we’ve had a Configuration Hangout which was a small dedicated group of operators running Open edX. It had a little bit of news from edX, and a question/answer format.

I’ve put them on hold until we have Juniper builds to discuss. That will like be in about a month.

In the meantime, what would people like to do with the idea of an online meetup for devops people? What would you find useful? What would you like to contribute to it?

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I would enjoy learning more about the day-to-day ops work that influences long-term decision making. Breakdowns of problems and solutions, what issues cause problems repeatedly, what new tech is being considered. I’d be happy to share that same info from OpenCraft’s side.

Semi-structured is a good format, because it’s time consuming and stressful to have a regular schedule of demos and talks, but holding them on the same day(s) in the same place helps keep attendance up. We can just chat about edX and Open edX ops work on the days when nobody has a specific topic to cover.