ContextualVersionConflict in nutmeg.3

For context, I’m using tutor 14.2.0.

I recently started getting ContextualVersionConflict errors at runtime with the message (Django 3.2.15 (/openedx/venv/lib/python3.8/site-packages), Requirement.parse('Django==3.2.16'), {'django-memberpress-client'}). The django-memberpress-client, which is built specifically for openedx but not maintained by the openedx org, pins the required version of Django to 3.2.16. I believe the reason it pins the version to 3.2.16 is because this is the version of django supported by the latest version of openedx nutmeg.3. While trying to troubleshoot this issue, I noticed in openedx org code other instances of pinning django to 3.2.15.

Is there a plan to upgrade django for the packages that currently pin django to 3.2.15?

Should django-memberpress-client be pinning to 3.2.15 instead of 3.2.16?

You are correct about why it’s being pinned to 3.2.16. I’m not presently aware of any harm that could be done in trying 3.2.15 to see if this alleviates the problem. should i push a new version to PyPi, or are you able to fork and add the repo to your build workflow?

I just released version 0.0.13 that relaxes the Django version constraint in pyproject.toml to “Django>=3.2,<=3.3”