Nutmeg.3 has been tagged

The BTR working group has just tagged the open-release/nutmeg.3 branch.

In addition to the following five commits, it contains a django security upgrade bumping the Django package from 3.2.15 to 3.2.16 in all affected repos.

--- ./openedx/configuration ----
 04adf6d36 2022-09-09 Mohammad Ahtasham ul Hassan: fix: fix upgrade npm task in insights role (#6803)
 91569325d 2022-08-03 Kaustav Banerjee: feat: add default analytics api elasticsearch index alias
---- ./openedx/frontend-app-profile ----
 0719d37 2022-08-02 Ghassan Maslamani: fix: pin boostrap to 4.6.1
 3d9e9a4 2022-07-31 Ghassan Maslamani: build: update common depeds
---- ./openedx/credentials ----
 f768a67c 2022-09-09 Awais Qureshi: build: Upgrading pip-tools version to fix jenkins build. (#1749)

Thanks to everyone who contributed to the release!