Core Contributor Sprint Retro - 4th March 2023 to 18th March 2023

You can find the full report in Listaflow:

Is there anything where you could use help from others? Or that you would like to collaborate on? User
Yes! I would like people to join the conversation in the Brainstorm: Better Planning, Collaboration, & Reporting for Core Contributor Work forum topic, please :slight_smile: Ali Hugo
Looking for data analytics use cases to guide the charts shipped with OARS: A free online tool to ask and upvote questions
Reach out if you or your team are interested in helping us build it!
Jill Vogel
- Can someone review and merge this PR, which is blocking the ORA grading MFE from being included in the Palm release? fix: locationId should strip PUBLIC_PATH prefix by arbrandes · Pull Request #146 · openedx/frontend-app-ora-grading · GitHub
- I’d love some feedback on which MFEs should be included in the Palm release. You can see the list of candidates and share your thoughts on this issue: Palm: List of new MFEs · Issue #250 · openedx/wg-build-test-release · GitHub
Peter Pinch
Retrospective - Improvements User
I got more done than I was expecting to, and am excited about the opportunity to try to improve the Core Contributor planning and retro processes :slight_smile: Ali Hugo
A few weeks back, we talked about an incident that happened on the edx-platform master branch related to this PR ( we merged . The overall discussion was documented here: Core Contributor Sprint Retro - 04 February 2023 - 18 February 2023 - #2 by antoviaque As a result of the discussion, I contated the on-call team who helped us fix the issue and asked what could be done to improve our QA process. He said the stage issue (feature flag mismatch with prod) was already fixed, and it would be enough to keep adding clear testing instructions to PRs so it’s easier to the on-call team to figure out a solution when things like this happen. So that’s it, we need to ensure this happens in the PR we merge! Maria Grimaldi
- 15 minutes was a bit short to prepare the room lead for the lightning talks (added to the conference feedback doc)
- The town hall was great! It would be good to have it more often, and maybe some concrete action items and follow-ups from it.
Xavier Antoviaque
For Palm, we should take testing a step further by testing important flags and toggles too. Dean Mathew
Retrospective - What went well these last two weeks / sprint? User
Kudos to brian, jill and everyone who has worked in the OARS. It looks quite exciting. The conference was amazing. Lots to think about now. So many things to collaborate on Felipe Montoya
I feel like I’m starting to find my groove in the Core Contributor community. Got to meet some of my fellow Core Contributors in person and get to know them better. The conference also helped me feel more a part of the community. Ali Hugo
Open edX 2023 has been so great! Huge thanks to Axim and edX for all your work making this year smooth and enjoyable. Jill Vogel
It was great to see everyone at the conference!
Peter Pinch
The conference was great! Braden MacDonald
The conference was awesome! And it was really nice to see everyone who attended :slight_smile: Xavier Antoviaque
What did you accomplish in the last two weeks (aka “current sprint”)? (Optional) User
Made great progress on OARS and preparations for Brian’s and my upcoming conference talk. Presented at the Open edX 2023 conference!
session details, slides, poll/discussion
* Worked on OARS demo for ^
Jill Vogel
Started work on issue 258 of event-routing-backends
Created PRs with first set of changes
feat: use appropriate externalId types by ziafazal · Pull Request #271 · openedx/event-routing-backends · GitHub Completed work on making xAPI agent IRI configurable. Third PR is ready for review
feat: Make xAPI User Identifier configurable by ziafazal · Pull Request #274 · openedx/event-routing-backends · GitHub
Zia Fazal
Conference planning. Work on Verifiable Credential. Work on Mobile Strategy. Edward Zarecor
-Preparation of templates and some content for videos recording during the Conference
-Meeting with both Working Groups
-Meeting with Eden, Angie and Natalia in order to help them with the videos preparation for the Conference
Ana Garcia
OSPR triage Michelle Philbrick
- Attended the Product Working Group meetup where we threw around ideas for the PWG activities at the conference
- Created the Brainstorm: Better Planning, Collaboration, & Reporting for Core Contributor Work forum thread and posted my initial ideas
- Selected a few staff jobs to take on at the conference - Designed the format of the brainstorming session I would be running at the conference
- Ran the brainstorming session during the Product Working Group Meeting
- Collected ideas from the audience for what the Product Working Group’s goals should be for the next 6-12 months
- Did a few small staff jobs at the conference
Ali Hugo
Read through all docs associated with the new Open Analytics Reference System (OARS). Went to the conference. Took part in as many discussions as I could.
Felipe Montoya
Reviewed some strings for fr_CA in Transifex.
Attended Build-Test-Release Working Group meeting.
Attended Translation Working Group meeting.
Watched video of DevExp Working Group meeting as I was unable to attend.
Followed discussions on Slack.
Followed discussions on Discourse. I was out of the office from March 21st to March 27th.
Attended Build Test Release meetup on March 17th.
Spent a few hours fixing translations issues in fr_CA that were reported by one of our customers.
Spent time going through Discourse.
Spent time going through Slack.
Pierre Mailhot
- Reviwing PRs for tutor-forum
- fix: don't crash on mongodb host querystring params by regisb · Pull Request #19 · overhangio/tutor-forum · GitHub
- feat: add scriv by ghassanmas · Pull Request #20 · overhangio/tutor-forum · GitHub
- Following review for feat: reduce size CSS output file by ghassanmas · Pull Request #266 · openedx/frontend-build · GitHub
- Checked LexQI API for TWG
Ghassan Maslamani
Italian translation review Ilaria Boti
Mostly conference work last week, as the previous I was off. Preparing & giving a talk, helping with conf organization (room lead), town hall / TOC and working groups attendance. Xavier Antoviaque
Open edX conference Peter Pinch
was mostly attending the conference Braden MacDonald
What will you work on for during the next two weeks / sprint? (Optional)
Continue to review the Italian translation (Olive release) Ilaria Boti
Working on making the OSPR triage process even more fluid with help from tCRIL, 2U and the broader community. Michelle Philbrick
* Discussions and improvements to OARS (some)
* On leave for most of April, so won’t have many CC hours next sprint.
Jill Vogel
- Palm release notes Peter Pinch
- I will attend the Product Working Group meetup
- I’ll put the feedback received during the conference brainstorming session together in an easily-digestible format and share it with the Product Working Group
Ali Hugo
- Follow-up on iteration proposal for the elections
- Open Source Masterclass - Review PR from last sprint
Revamping the Test Plan to be in line with Palm. Dean Jay Mathew

@pdpinch I commented on fix: locationId should strip PUBLIC_PATH prefix by arbrandes · Pull Request #146 · openedx/frontend-app-ora-grading · GitHub asking what can be done to get it to merge. Feel free to add on if you have more thoughts/comments.

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