Core Contributor Sprint Retro - May 13th - May 27th

Here is the retrospective for the most recent Core Contributor (CC) sprint:

Calls/offers for help

This is what the core team needs help on now. Note that anyone can help – you don’t need to be a Core Contributor (yet!) for that:

Is there anything where you could use help from others? Or that you would like to collaborate on?

Please share your opinion on this Request for feedbak: breaking changes for course visibility - #5 by kmccormick if possible Ghassan Maslamani
EIGHTEEN open PRs that we are meant to review - please pick one up! 2U - External Contributions · GitHub Sarina Canelake
Nutmeg release target is next week. Help us fix bugs: Everything · GitHub Kyle McCormick
Help to facilitate each other’s sprints & unblock other core contributors Xavier Antoviaque
Try panorama-elt and tutor-contrib-panorama. Help testing, improving and documenting these tools. , Review our lessons learned from Tutor K8s implementation (discuss). Help to improve the solution robustness. , Review our cloud reference architecture (discuss). Can this be a starting point to an OEP? Andrés González
I was caught on the tvm effort and did not have progress in the k8s hosting, but I expect to have something to collaborate on for the next sprint. Felipe Montoya
if we can get tutor ecommerce plugin upgraded to nutmeg that would help in testing some certs related stuff Zia Fazal

Improvements & blockers

What is blocking the team currently, as well as suggestions of improvements:

Any blockers?

TC_INSTRUCTOR_6 > LMS: INSTRUCTOR: MEMBERSHIP > Pages and Resources page throws Page not found error · Issue #182 · openedx/build-test-release-wg · GitHub Dean Jay Mathew
TC_AUTHOR_133: STUDIO: SETTINGS: ADVANCED: Course visibility in catalog · Issue #164 · openedx/build-test-release-wg · GitHub Dean Jay Mathew
Documentation is sometimes confusing. Andrés González
We need a decision about the course authoring MFE in nutmeg. I don’t think we should include it, but then someone needs to restore functionality for the wiki and, I think, cohort management. Peter Pinch
Having access to the BTR session of the conference would be great.It was mentioned here Tech talk/demo: Deploying multiple Open edX instances onto a Kubernetes Cluster with Tutor - #44 by dbates Feliipe Montoya

What should we improve?

Increase the number of active core contributors/active community members Dean Jay Mathew
Since Friday is shutting down, I figure that we’re moving to another similar software soon. I would be elated if the new solution pre-populated the “what did you accomplish?” field with PRs or issues that we worked on from GitHub Kyle McCormick
Documentation: many features in the installation manual are not clear from a user perspective. , E.g.: , how can this be used? , what is the benefit? What is it for? Andrés González
to myself: this time I couldn’t review/merge any code changes. I need to put more effort into those. Maria Grimaldi
Despite our efforts, we were blind-sided by dependencies on the Course Authoring MFE. It’s not ready for an open edX release, but there are functions that no longer work without it. Peter Pinch
More of a note than a suggestion - I always feel I need more time to do all the things I could be doing! I imagine most of us feel that way. There is no shortage of things to work on! Ali Hugo

What went well?

What went well these last two weeks / sprint?

Community memebers were involved in the testing, it feels nice to see everyone working toward a shared goal. Ghassan Maslamani
Excellent technical contributions and deep dives to testing Nutmeg thank you team! Dean Jay Mathew
Got legal agreements for non-technical contributors ironed out , Had a good time talking to a small # of people from AMEA meetup Sarina Canelake
- Tutor maintainer program kickoff! Several Tutor plugins are now maintained by people other than Régis. , - In general, there is so much collaboration going to on to clean up and improve so many different parts of the platform, and it is really exciting to see :smiley: Kyle McCormick
Some continued discussions about collaboration and community projects, as well as TOC topics moving forward — which is great! Xavier Antoviaque
Going over the installation manual and checking feature by feature what is working and what is not Andrés González
We are focusing on a few priority items in the marketing WG, which I think will lead to faster results. Gabriel D’Amours
Working along the BTR Maria Grimaldi
Nutmeg testing with the community has been great. Pierre Mailhot
Again, I’m very impressed how the community has pulled together on nutmeg testing. Peter Pinch
collaborated to tutor plugins migration Jhony Avella
The wireframes and UI design for the Listaflow reports. Ali Hugo
The TVM publication was well received, I’m very happy of how that turned out. Felipe Montoya
Learnt how to add dependencies in edX using tutor Zia Fazal

Hours contributed

The total reported for the last sprint: 248.52 hours contributed.

The totals of the hours reported in the last nine (9) sprints:

User Hours Contributed
Feanil Patel 136
Sarina Canelake 131
Andrés González 112
Piotr Surowiec 100
Xavier Antoviaque 97.15
Kyle McCormick 90
Gabriel D’Amours 84
Ali Hugo 75.72
Zia Fazal 74
Felipe Montoya 64
Maria Grimaldi 63
Ghassan Maslamani 50
Peter Pinch 45
Adolfo Brandes 40
David Ormsbee 40
Braden MacDonald 39
Juan Camilo Montoya 38
Dean Jay Mathew 37
Jillian Vogel 35
Matjaz Gregoric 29
Giovanni Cimolin 28
Kshitij Sobti 23
Igor Degtiarov 22
Pierre Mailhot 22
Sofiane Bebert 20
Jhony Avella 16
Usman Khalid 13
Nizar Mahmoud 10
Omar Al-Ithawi 7.5
Esteban Etcheverry 7
JayRam Nai 4
Nicole Kessler 2
Ilaria Botti 1.5
Chintan Joshi 1
Stefania Trabucchi 0
Total 1551.62


Nutmeg preparations remain one of the central points mentioned. All the raw details and extra information can be found here:

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Re the offers for help and blockers:

It seems like a helpful discussion already took place.

This is down to four that have no reviewer yet. Can anyone else take on a PR?

Several people are helping out with this.


@sambapete started on this, would he or someone else be able to help finish it? Nutmeg by sambapete · Pull Request #28 · overhangio/tutor-ecommerce · GitHub

Seems to be resolved.

Unclear. See update from @regis at TC_AUTHOR_133: STUDIO: SETTINGS: ADVANCED: Course visibility in catalog · Issue #164 · openedx/build-test-release-wg · GitHub

Big improvements coming: Feedback Requested: Open edX Documentation Restructure

This was discussed in the meeting and I believe some people have followed up on it.

@pdpinch I think that’s a question for you - see link. Could you please post an answer?

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@sambapete started on this, would he or someone else be able to help finish it? Nutmeg by sambapete · Pull Request #28 · overhangio/tutor-ecommerce · GitHub

I did start on it and it was never my intention to be the maintainer. I just tried my hand at upgrading a plugin as per the instructions @regis gave in one of his webcast. I know this is what is currently being installed on the Nutmeg demo server as per nutmeg-demo/deploy.yml at master · overhangio/nutmeg-demo · GitHub

I do not know the official status of the plugin. It does work on my own nutmeg server.

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That’s a neat idea! And it would encourage the use of tickets to track work. @Fox_Piacenti @Ali could we add this to the wishlist items as user feedback?

+1. There are some related conversations from the conference related to this that we should continue imho. @sarina I think you had in mind to organize a meeting of the stakeholders / organizations about time commitments? Would you want/need any help?

@braden Do you remember what was the decision, or what the opinions/follow-ups on this were?

No, sorry, I’m not sure of the outcome of that.