Core Contributor Sprint Retro - April 1st-15th

Here is the retrospective for the last core contributor sprint:

Calls/offers for help

This is what the core team needs help on now. Note that anyone can help – you don’t need to be a core contributor (yet!) for that:

Is there anything where you could use help from others? Or that you would like to collaborate on?
Not yet but soon I might want people to help me write config files related to Backstage into various repos. @feanil
I would love to get an overview of the current work on frontend plugins. I’m trying to keep in touch with the latest changes. @xitij2000
I need help to think of new test cases for the Test Plan. At present there are only basic test cases for the Studio and LMS.What about unique XBlocks, plugins, devops, global admin, and other areas that we need to create test cases for? It would be great if people can review the test cases then add their suggestions to the SUGGESTIONS tab in the sheet. I will bring this up in the meetups too. @Dean
I’m hoping that this blockstore PR gets merged this week or next week, and then backported to nutmeg. @pdpinch

Improvements & blockers

What is blocking the team currently, as well as suggestions of improvements:

Retrospective - What should we improve? Any blockers?
I wish there were a snapshot of the technical settings and feature toggles from the Maple release, so I could diff them nor the nutmeg release notes. (edx-platform technical reference — edx-platform Technical Reference documentation @pdpinch
I should ask for commit privileges on the documentation repo, but it’s not really a blocker. @pdpinch
It was a little bit tough to onboard as there’s so may communication platforms, but the more I learned the more it all makes sense. The onboarding courses will be super helpful to future participants. @Dean
I was added to a new Slack channel “#wg-open-edx-product-management” — I need to see if I have enough time to commit, but I’d certainly be interested in participating in this group. Maybe I’ll have to make a choice. @gabrieldamours

What went well?

Retrospective - What went well these last two weeks / sprint?
Joining beta tester group of Nutmeg and helping others join Zia Fazal
Glad to see the community coming up with ideas and implementations to address MFE shortcomings. Adolfo Brandes
Getting more people in CC program Sarina Canelake
I’m really excited that we have a testing plan for nutmeg and so many volunteers interested in helping test. Peter Pinch
There’s more clarity within the CCs processes Maria Grimaldi
- Good improvements made to the core sprints processes, and great collaboration to try to make it fit our various use cases among the working groups Xavier Antoviaque
I enjoy collaborating with tCRIL, edX, and members from other providers on the conference planning committee. We’re a very efficient team! Gabriel D’Amours
I got other work done to open up time for CC work next sprint. Ali Hugo
Got a good chunk of time for this task so was able to do it, breaking it less than an 2 hrs doesn’t get me very far. Kshitij Sobti
A fun and welcoming working atmosphere and onboarding experience. Good level of energy. Dean Jay Mathew

Hours contributed

The total reported for the last sprint: 248 hours contributed .

The totals of the hours reported in the last six sprints:

User Hours contributed
Piotr Surowiec 80
Xavier Antoviaque 62
Zia Fazal 54
Gabriel D’Amours 49
Sarina Canelake 41
Adolfo Brandes 40
David Ormsbee 40
Maria Grimaldi 38
Ali Hugo 37
Feanil Patel 36
Jillian Vogel 35
Peter Pinch 34
Juan Camilo Montoya 30
Kyle McCormick 30
Matjaz Gregoric 29
Braden MacDonald 28
Giovanni Cimolin 24
Felipe Montoya 20
Ghassan Maslamani 20
Sofiane Bebert 18
Dean Jay Mathew 14
Usman Khalid 13
Jhony Avella 11
Kshitij Sobti 11
Igor Degtiarov 10
Nizar Mahmoud 10
Andrés González 7
Esteban Etcheverry 7
Omar Al-Ithawi 6
Nicole Kessler 2
Ilaria Botti 2


A lot of the work is related to the upcoming conference – both in what was done last sprint (preparing talks) and attending it. Nutmeg preparations are also a prominent item. All the raw details are at:

@Eden_Huthmacher Let me know whether you can find everything you need for your own working groups updates – and don’t hesitate if some changes would be useful to you!


Comments from today’s meetings discussions that lead to action items:

@pdpinch That should be possible – @feanil indicated that since it’s generated automatically from the code, it should be possible to regenerate it for Maple. If you’re not sure how, he has offered to help :slight_smile:

@xitij2000 There is @arbrandes who offered to discuss this with you :slight_smile:

There wasn’t a specific volunteer to add this, but @sambapete said the additional missing use cases would likely be added during the testing itself.

@pdpinch Are you referring to that PR?

If so @braden said it’s scheduled to be merged on Thursday. :slight_smile: I do not know if there are any plans to backport it to nutmeg though – CC @jill

I’m not mentioning the other points which didn’t lead to a specific action item, or were already underway. Don’t hesitate to reply if more help is needed though!

Yep, we’re planning backport this to nutmeg since we missed the release cut deadline.

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