Core Contributor Sprint Retro - September 5-18

There have been 320 hours worked on the last two weeks - which is a nice increase compared to last sprint!

Calls for help/collaboration

  • Please apply as a candidate! And relay the news about the election to the Open edX instances you have access to. (Xavier)
  • Would love to have more 15-30 min chats with Core Contributors to discuss how you feel about first 6 months of program. please reach out email or slack! (Sarina)
  • If you want to get involved with the project to replace Devstack with Tutor, join #tutor-adoption. We have bi-weekly sprint plannings where we prioritize and distribute issues – let me know in the Slack channel if you want an invite. (Kyle)

What should be improved?

  • We should check Listalow early on the week to identify possible issues, so we don’t have to rush at the end (Maria)
  • It would be great if there were more frontend-focused community members interested in joining the Frontend Working group meetings. Right now, only a couple of organizations are regularly represented. (Adolfo)
  • There haven’t been a lot of relays of the news about the election from the community – this is going to limit us as a community. How can we improve this? What’s missing to relay the news? (Xavier)
  • All coding CCs should feel empowered to provide reviews on other repos. this is a great way to spend your CC hours budget, and a great way to expand your CC repos (if you wish) (Sarina)

What has been worked on during the last sprint?

  • TOC election campaign (Ed, Gabriel, Eden, Xavier) - Organization, news & answering forum
    • Designing draft of the wiki page showing the election candidates (Ali)
  • Maintainers pilot (Ed, Maria, Felipe) - including scrum of scrum meeting, openedx-events housekeeping (Maria, Felipe)
  • Testing and discovery for Module federations of mfe (Ghassan)
  • Work toward piloting static security analysis on Open edX repos (Ed)
  • Meetups:
    • Presentation for Open edX Meetup (Ed)
    • Initial work for Open edX Conference planning (Ed)
  • Work on Credentials roadmap development and collaboration (Ed)
  • MFE roadmap and frontend-app-library-authoring with Brian Smith (Adolfo)
  • Core contributors nominations - gathering & synthesizing feedback (Sarina)
  • Reviewed translations (fr_CA for edx-platform, documentation MT)
  • Fixes:
    • Tutor fixes (Ghassan, Kyle, Andres)
    • Small fix PRs to Richie (Ghassan)
    • Small fixes: repo references, updating pylintrc, github workflows (Sarina)
  • Documentation contributions:
    • edx-toggles, Arabic CCS styles (Ghassan)
    • Open source Masterclass - Organize next remote sprint, address comments MR
  • Work on (not yet public) Open edX instances (Sarina)


  • PR reviews (Maria, Braden)
  • Forum - responses & moderation (Ghassan, Braden, Pierre, Xavier)
  • Working groups meetings

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