Core Contributor Sprint Retro - 17 September - 1 October

Full report

Find the full report in Listaflow for your convenience:

There have been 285.75 hours worked on the last two weeks from 17 September to 1 October, which is slightly less than the previous sprint of 320 hours.

Calls for help/collaboration

Zia Fazal:
If I can get review from fellow CCs on this PR it would be great fix: added keyword substitution support in edx_ace based bulk course emails by ziafazal · Pull Request #31044 · openedx/edx-platform · GitHub

What should be improved?

Xavier Antoviaque:
Default more to discussing & working publicly from the start?

What has been worked on during the last sprint?

As Blockstore maintainer, started figuring out things to do to clean up the repository, and as a first step, opened a PR to update the README significantly.

Began researching how to use a bot to notify maintainers of PRs that need review, and escalate if they aren’t triaged in a timely fashion.

Helped with the TOC election campaign – I was mostly off for the past 2 weeks, and I’m planning to be mostly off for the coming 2 weeks also.

Xavier Antoviaque:

  • Election - Follow-up on schedule & announcements, post candidature
  • Core commitments follow-up with Sarina & Dean
  • Kubernetes collaboration - Follow-up
  • Open Source Masterclass - announce date & time of next sprint


  • Core sprints - Checkin write recap on forum & discuss blockers


  • data working group
  • replied to forum posts
  • worked on upgrading dependencies for edx-analytics repos
  • reviewed some OSPRs


Feanil Patel:

Ana Garcia:

  • Video bumper proposal for community videos
  • Editing of 4 How To video drafts for the Marketing Working Group
  • Transifex string translations

Pierre Mailhot:

  • Reviewing translations for fr_CA in project edx-platform in Transifex.
  • Reviewing translations for fr_CA in project Open edX Documentation
  • MT Translation in Transifex
  • Attended Build Test Release Working Group meeting
  • Attended Contributors Working Group meeting
  • Attended Translation Working Group meeting
  • Attended meeting on Verified Credentials
  • Attended meeting on Enhancing i18n Strategy for MFEs
  • Gave comments on very early version of OEP-58 on Translations Management

Sarina Canelake:

  • conference planning
  • github organization maintenance
  • various documentation, community PR review efforts

Felipe Montoya:

  • attended scrum of scrums
  • participated in architectural coordination
  • maintainance tasks for openedx-events
  • reviewed the candidacies for the TOC election

Ali Hugo:

  • Finished the design of the wiki page featuring the candidates for the TOC (Technical Oversight Committee) elections
  • Posted the page for community review

Zia Fazal:

  • Fixed issue related to keyword substition in bulk course email when using edX ACE
  • Completed work on instruqt xblock

Andrés González:

  • Forum moderation and testing the backup plugin for K8s
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