Core contributors commitment standard

@antoviaque If I am simply basing it on what I have been entering in Listaflow, it would be between 10h/month to 15h/month. And definitely closer to 10 than to 15.

And then we go back to your original thread. When I test Olive for our own needs because I am an early adopter and encounter a problem with ecommerce and the Payment MFE, is discovering the problem, investigating it, trying to debug it and failing at it considered “core contributor” work? All the time I put could be considered as work for my employer and not the community. But reporting the problem could only take 10 to 15 minutes and that is definitely “core contributor” work.

Something to consider.

Personally, I would definitely consider that core contributor work - this type of testing and debugging is invaluable, and it’s not always possible to show concrete results or fix the bug. If you want to make sure that the project benefits as much as possible from it, you could always post a description of your investigation, as you sometimes do – but in any case, you’re definitely working for the project and the community too imho.