Core Contributors Work Scope Definition - Final Review

Back in July, we continued a conversation from the conference, to define more precisely what work is being considered “core contributor work”. See the document below – in a nutshell, we would equal that scope to “being included in a ticket on the Open edX github org”:

Most of the comments and threads in the document have been resolved, with a general agreement on the base principle of “core contributor work” = ticket. To conclude and enact the decision, we’re opening a 2 weeks final review period, to allow anyone who hasn’t had a chance to comment yet to do so, or to bring up any remaining issue.

The comment period will end on December 14th – though to have time to discuss them, please post your comments before December 7th.

The recent interviews of core contributors made by @sarina @Dean and myself have confirmed that this is a frequent point of confusion, with many unsure about what we can count as core contributor work among the things we do in the community, so hopefully this will help.

Once the final review is over, OEP-54 will be updated to point to this definition.


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Thank you for all the comments about the core contributors scope in the document!

I have just done another pass on them, and updated the document accordingly. Since there were a few new changes brought in by the conversations, I’m extending the review period – and because we are getting to the end of year holidays, the new review period will last until January 14th 2023.

I have also moved the discussion about the commitments & time from above to a dedicated thread, to allow to keep that discussion going, independently of the more narrow goal of the current review, which focuses on scope of work for core contributors.

We are now past the review deadline, and there hasn’t been any new recent comment in the document and PR linked above – so that makes the amendment to OEP-54 Core Contributors adopted, as well as the document describing the scope of core contributors work. I’ve moved the relevant sections to the wiki, as planned:

In a nutshell:

The definition for Core Contributors work is "any scope of work described by an open ticket or pull request on the Open edX github organization, or is listed below in Core contributor work that doesn’t require a ticket."

Note that this is a distinct discussion from the core contributors commitments standards & hours, which is still being discussed in this thread.


As part of this change, one goal is to more consistently ensure that we create tickets for the work we do as core contributors. This helps a lot to be able to work more asynchronously outside of meetings, as it ensures that others can catch-up on the context and current status from other people’s work, as well as providing a place to discuss and follow a given topic.

A few tips that can help:


Search existing tickets on the Open edX org here:

  • Search all issues/PRs
  • Search only issues, excluding PRs
  • To list your issues, you can add assignee:[your-github-username] to the previous searches queries
  • To get a list of issues to mention in your end of sprint update in Listaflow, you can add updated:>2023-01-09 to the previous query, and it will give you the list of your issues/PRs that have been updated during the sprint.

Creating a ticket

To create a ticket:

  • Go to one of the openedx org’s repositories, then
  • => “Issues” tab (top left)
  • => “New issue” green button (top right)
  • => “Blank issue” → “Get started” green button

If you aren’t sure if a ticket already exists for the work you’re doing, or would like help figuring out where or how to create one, don’t hesitate to use the current thread to ask - the examples would likely help others, too.


FYI, the corresponding change to OEP-54 has been merged, and the reference to the definition of work scope is included in it:

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